AES New York Convention Video – 80th Anniversary of The Mercury Theater's "War of the Worlds"

October 31, 2018 is the anniversary of a landmark event in U.S. broadcast history. In an exclusive and historic AES New York 2018 Convention event, the presentation the “80th Anniversary of The Mercury Theater’s ‘The War of the Worlds’” was hosted by New York Public Radio on October 19 at New York City broadcast venue, The Green Space. Video of the event is now available online on the AES YouTube channel at


The event featured Frank Beacham, who worked with “War of the Worlds” director and narrator Orson Welles, discussing the dramatic tricks he used to turn the broadcast into a compelling and believable drama. The event included recordings of the behind-the-scenes story in the CBS Studio that frantic night. Further, SueMedia’s Sue Zizza and David Shinn along with the HEAR Now Festival and Voicescapes Audio Theater produced and performed live recreations and interpretations from “The War of the Worlds” alongside playback of the newly remastered recording of the original broadcast, and discussion of the initial reactions to the 1938 broadcast by audience members and the public.


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AES New York Convention Video – 80th Anniversary of The Mercury Theater’s “War of the Worlds”