New AES Membership Status Logos

A new addition to the AES Member Portal is the opportunity to download dedicated AES Member graphics denoting Audio Engineering Society membership status. These new logos can be used for email signatures, social media badges, or any other place where members want to display their Society status and dedication to the art and science of audio engineering. AES Membership logos are also great for linking to members’ AES Member Profiles – their personal page on the AES site, which can be used to share bios, membership activities, credits and work history, external links, awards and other relevant industry information.


To download the logos:

• Log In to the Member Portal on (the Log In button is at the top right of the home page).

• Once logged in, the left of the page is a member benefits and navigation menu. Under “My AES”, click the link “Download Member Logo”

• Download links will be displayed for two formats each of three color options of the appropriate logo for a given member’s type of membership.

Source: AES News

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New AES Membership Status Logos