Ruminations on Speakers

My wife and I always had this disagreement about speakers in our home. She greatly preferred very small speakers that could be hidden out of the sight. Myself, on the other hand prefer larger speakers. I like speakers that sound like there is a sub-woofer in each one.

When I happen to find myself in a thrift store, as I often do, I usually checkout the electronics on the off chance there is something there besides old VCRs. There is almost always a big pair of floor standing speakers sitter there. I suppose they are not so popular anymore but I have a soft spot for them. They are of a time when you were justified in placing this wood, paper and metal monolith dedicated to stereophonic sound in a prominent position of honor in your living room. Big floor standing speakers say, “ Yes, my music is important and if a speaker blocks Aunt Debbie’s portrait, the window, or the door to the kitchen then so be it.

I have to admit though, these days, with modern advancements small speakers can sound really good. Like anything, you get what you pay for but if you’re will to spend a little you can get really good sound from a small package.

There are also some really crazy speaker designs out there now. This one has a floating orb! I need that one, just for the conversation starting potential if nothing else.