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BBC Radio Chief Wants to Rely Less on Data to Choose Playlists

There’s a good little article here about the head of BBC Radio 1 thinking there should be more editorial input on what songs appear on the popular BBC streaming service. He feels the station relied too heavily on whats popular on other services such as Spotify and Youtube when choosing their own playlists.

I have to agree with him. We need people at these types of stations that can actually listen to music and make an informed decision regarding it suitability to be put on a station.

Less of the Same!

New SoundCloud Subscription Service

SoundCloud is hoping on the subscription service bandwagon with a new service. SoundCloud Go is the service that promises to provide everything from the latest top 40 to the more obscure stuff SoundCloud is known for.
While there are a bunch of other streaming services these days but SoundCloud aims to differentiate itself by the sheer volume of content.
There will be a free version as well as paid. One thing that SoundCloud will do different is that music owners will be able to decide what is available for free ad what will be paid. That seems to have the potential to make the free service less valuable than other free music services but time will tell.
Check out more info here.