Bravo Audio V2 Headphone Amplifier

The Bravo Audio V2 Headphone Amplifier
is a small, one tube amp that will help push a clearer and warmer tone to your headphones.

This amp uses a single 12AU7 dual triode tube so we can deduce that each triode is used for half of the stereo spectrum.

It has a cool look were you can see the circuitry but it’s still covered by plexiglass.
The Amazon product description for this amplifier describes it as “non-fatiguing”. At first glance that might not sound like high praise but once you think about it most things in life after a certain point are, in fact, fatiguing. This amp is not!
Also, you need a headphone amplifier with tubes in it. Ask your doctor, he’ll back me up on this.

It comes with a high-quality Shuguang 12AU7 tube and there are parallel 3.5mm and RCA stereo inputs
Gain control with Japanese ALPS potentiometer.

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