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Monoprice 5-Watt 1×8 Guitar Combo Tube Amplifier

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Monoprice has thrown nice entry into the low watt amp arena and it’s a great looking little combo.
Monoprice is getting a good reputation for affordable tube amps that sound good and include the most sought after features.

The Monoprice packs five, 6V6 fueled watts of classic tone through an 8″ Celestion Super 8 speaker. The minimalist controls assure that nothing gets between you and true tube amp bliss.

The Celestion Super 8 speaker does a good job of delivering┬á a detailed guitar tone without getting muddy. It’s well balanced from the tight lows to the clear highs. It has the classic Celestion tonal recipe of articulation and a smooth transition into over drive. Like any speaker, the more you play it the better it sounds as it gets broken in.

In addition the the volume and tone controls there are low and high inputs. The low input, which attenuates the signal for a more mellow sound, while the high input, which gives full power with more articulation and volume.

By manipulating the controls wide variety of sounds can be had. Crank up the amp and you get great British rock tones. At lower volumes nice clear tone is available also.

The cabinet is open back and features a leather handle, cloth speaker grill, and a cream-colored, textured, synthetic leather exterior with chrome corner guards..


  • 12AX7 preamp and a 6V6 power amp tube
  • Volume and Tone Controls
  • Five Watt RMS output
  • 8″ Celestion speaker

Recommended if:

You are looking for a low watt amp with an American flavor and simple controls.


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