Sundown ST-5

Sundown has a new entry into the low watt amp arena, it’s a great looking little combo called the Sundown ST-5.
Originally a high end boutique line known for all tube designs in the early 80s Sundown amplifiers have returned to their roots with the ST-5. Sundown has been around for a long time but its not as well known as some other brands. The ST-5 a simple amp with 1 instrument input, 1 volume and 2 tone knobs, nothing is complicated so it’s easy to get a great sound.

The Sundown ST-5 packs five, EL84 fueled watts of classic tone through an 8″ custom voiced speaker. You can shape your tone with the volume, treble and bass rooster head style controls and the two tone vinyl covering makes it stand out many other amps in its class. Under the hood there is a 12AX7 tube for the preamp along with the EL84 power section. The top vent allows the tubes to get hot without letting them overheat and cause damage.

Rather than the simple volume and tone control found in many 5 watt amps,The Sundown comes with separate treble and bass controls. The separate controls can help players dial in the right tone for the particular guitar they are using. With the 12AX7 + EL84 tube complement, ST-5 going to let itself to more British tones then the 6V6 based power section found in many other small anps. The EL84 is known for strong mids and a crisp hi-end. The Epiphone Valve Junior also had the same time compliment to compliment and it was the amp that pretty much started getting people interested in low watt amplifiers

By manipulating the controls wide variety of sounds can be had. Crank up the amp and you get great British rock tones. At lower volumes nice clear tone is available also. Like the original Sundown tube amps the ST-5 has a “Stage Glow” logo that illuminates when the amp is on. There’s also a 6″ steel reinforced strap handle and store you cables in the back on the way to your gig.


  • 12AX7 preamp and EL84 power amp tubes
  • Volume, Treble and Bass Controls
  • Five Watt RMS output
  • 8″ speaker onboard combo with 8 ohm & 16 ohm outputs for outboard speakers
  • Sundown Stage Glow lighted logo

Recommended if:

You are looking for a low watt amp with a Britsh flavor and a bit more control over the tone than many other small amps with no, or very basic, tone control.

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