Does music help you fall asleep?

Listening to music to help me fall asleep has never worked for me. I would always find myself listening to closely to the music and was too much of an active listener to fall asleep. I do much better with silence.

I came across this article that talks about researchers who have found that for many people listening to music really does help them sleep.  The article also has tips on what the best sleep inducing music is and other tips.

How to Start a Record Label

This is an article about a guy starting a new record label. He believes being small and being able to act quickly will give him an advantage.
The article also talks about using online data to be able to pick the next great artist. This is not a new concept but it highlights how a record label person needs less and less actual listening to a potential artist and more algorithms.

The Music Industry is Still Not Happy with YouTube

The music industry is now saying that they are not being paid enough for the music that is available on YouTube. The article is here.
My personal opinion about this is that for years the music industry had the opportunity to create the music distribution system that they wanted. They chose not to and stick to trying to sell CDs. The market created a demand for online distribution and the RIAA basically sat on the sidelines. In the absence of leadership from the recording industry other online distribution methods emerged and the RIAA spent their time and money on lawyers instead of technology. So now the RIAA is playing wack a mole with the various ways people get music in 2016.

New Rolling Stones Album in the Works

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Rolling Stones the band is going to release a new album possibly later this year. Ron Wood said they have a couple new songs and 11 blues covers. I, for one, hope they don’t try for a contemporary hit and do what they do best, blues rock funky stuff.