How music ends up in commercials

NPR has an interesting article about how music ends up in commercials. Obviously the company selling the product wants to identify with a certain demograghic but what goes on behind the scenes?
And far from artists considering this a sell out, they are hoping and praying that their music ends up selling body spray.
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Playing a Musical Instrument is Good for your Brain

A new study has confirmed that playing a musical instrument has many positive side effects for your brain. I don’t think this is particularly surprising. Playing an instrument takes focus and mental exertion which seems like it would give your brain a workout. Another aspect of playing music that might be the factor in brain training is that you need to work on listening skills to be a good musician. This can help in processing audio information, not just music but spoken words also.

Here’s and article about the study.

Samsung is Shutting Down it’s Music Streaming Service

First off I didn’t even know Samsung had a music streaming service. Apparently they do (for now) called Milk Music. I don’t know what they were thinking when they came up with that name…maybe it’s acronym? Music-Is-Like-Kool. That’s probably not it…

It sometimes seems there is a limit of music streaming services that can really take hold. It’s one of those things where we only need on good one.

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Facebook Messenger and Spotify

The new version of Facebook Messenger is adding support for Spotify. There are going to be options to share songs through Messenger now. It sounds like Facebook is trying to get Messenger to standout amongst the ton of other messaging apps out there.

More details here.

No Izzy

Izzy Stradlin confirmed that he will not be participating in the upcoming Guns and Roses reunion. It seems hard core G and R fans are in a bit of a tizzy that this won’t be a “real” reunion but, since I’m sure everyone will get paid handsomely, it’s real enough for the rest of the band.

It’s Only Money

Don’t knock these things over what ever you do!
Right now you can get these for just under 50K! Yeah, you read that right. Not only that but they come with free shipping. Check out the reviews!
Or you could look for other speakers that probably cost less than your car.

Sorry, the house is not included.

Best Oscar Moment

For me the best moment of the Oscar (though I admit I didn’t watch start to finish) was Dave Grohl’s performance of Blackbird. Lyrically, for a song used in the In Memoriam sequence, I don’t think the song had much to do with death or passing away etc. but it’s a great song and Dave did a great job.

Get Your Geek On

If you happen to be in the Pittsburgh area you could check out a concert devoted to the music of Star Trek. Jay Chattaway is one of the composer’s featured and little did I know the music of Star Trek has been performed all over the world with Mr. Chattaway as a guest conductor at times.

Check out the article here.

Live long and pizzicato.