A Dumble for 160k?

If you are in the Seattle area you might want to take a look at the most expensive amp ever. A rare (rarer) Dumble is going for $160k.  Looks like it has a fresh set of Groove Tubes so that’s worth something.

I’m actually more of a Trainwreck person. Check out the article here.

What’s in the Box

I recently came across the JHS Little Black Amp Box.

It’s a little box that goes in an amp’s effects loop and promises cranked tube tone at lower volume. From what I can tell it’s just a box with a volume knob in it. So, basically, it would act as a master volume. If your amp already has a master volume it’s probably not needed but if you have an effects loop and no master volume this could be useful.

The Latest from Louisiana

I’ve always been an admirer of Komet amps. They sound fantastic and the innards are a work of art.
Since I’m just back from Mardi Gras I decide to share something else from Louisiana or more specifically Baton Rouge.
This is the Komet Areo 33. I really like the clean tones that start at about 4:50.