Fender Pawn Shop Special Ramparte Review

Fender has another new amplifier, the Ramparte Guitar Amp. This is a new amp in the Fender Pawn Shop line. It’s a 9 watt single ended all tube amp. It uses a single 6L6 power tube and 2 12AX7 preamp tubes. It has two channels and each channel has it’s own volume control. No other controls are to be found. There is no EQ, reverb, effects loop…tremolo…and if you’re thinking of something else, it probably doesn’t have that either. One thing that would have been nice is a switch to change channels but that’s a small thing.


One channel is called “Cool” and it’s the clean channel. The other “Hot” channel is for overdrive. I’m guessing the “Hot” channel adds another tube gain stage to get more overdrive compared to the “Cool” channel. With each channel just having a volume control, it’s rare that you see a two channel amp with such simple controls. It’s a nice change of pace that shows if the amp is designed right you don’t need a bunch of knobs to get your tone. The Ramparte is bare bones as knobs and switch go but there are still many tones you can get from it. It’s more of an amplifier that lends it self to being manipulated by the controls on the guitar. Turn your guitar volume down a bit for cleans and crank it up for dirt.

There are not many “big bottle” single ended amps out there so this is somewhat unique. Most manufactures would build a small push pull amp, something with two 6V6s for example, before a single 6L6 so that’s a unique niche he Ramparte fills. Single ended amps have their own particular sound so it’s nice that it’s available above the 5 watt level. While a 5 watt single ended amplifier can be loud, Aat 9 watts the Ramparte would probably be more suitable for small gigs, maybe even with a drummer.

It uses a single 12 inch speaker which is also a bit different than most single ended amps you see in stores. You usually find smaller 8 or 10 inch speakers so a 12″ is a nice feature.


The look of the amp is pure vintage. It’s not necessarily vintage Fender but vintage none the less. The two tone fabric covering actually reminds me of a vintage HiFi probably more than a guitar amp. It really look like something you might find in your grandparents living room.


Here’s the promo video. It sounds pretty good I think. From this video I may prefer the cleans over the overdrive.

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