Fender’s Pawn Shop Special – The Excelsior

I posted earlier about the the Greta which is a little amp Fender introduced in their pawn shop special line. The other amp they introduced is the Excelsior. This is a bigger 13 watt tube amp that would be suitable for small gigs and home practice.

The Fender Excelsior does it’s thing with a pair of 12AX7s and a pair of 6V6s. It has a 15 inch Fender Special Design speaker housed in a very retro looking cabinet. The look reminds me of old Valco or Supro amps. It’s got a cool tremolo and a treble/bass switch to mix things up a little.

The Excelsior:

An old Valco:

The 3 slat speaker grill is a cool look that goes back to the time when folks were just realizing that you could crank up your little tube amp and get some great tones that you really weren’t supposed to get.

This is pure speculation but 13 watts I’m going to guess that it’s cathode biased with a solid state rectifier. I’m curious to know if it uses a paraphase phase inverter like the Valco/Supro amps it resembles. I suppose there is a fair chance that the circuit is similar to amps like the Supro Thunderbolt.

Update: I’ve now read that the Excelsior has a cathodyne PI like the Fender 5E3 Deluxe. Nuthin’ wrong with that…

While there are probably not any academy award wining acting performances in this video from Fender, it does give an idea of who might like some of the retro tones offered up by the Excelsior.

The specs:

Inputs: GTR Input, MIC Input, ACCORDION Input
Controls: Volume, Tremolo, Bright/Dark Switch
Speaker: 15″ Special Design Speaker
Unique Features:

13 Watts of output power, Two 6V6 output tubes, Two 12AX7 preamp tubes, 15″ Special Design speaker, GTR, Microphone, and Accordion inputs, each with individually optimized circuitry, Bottom-loaded primary chassis with top-loaded control chassis for low noise and operating convenience, Volume control, Tremolo with speed control, Treble/Bass tone switch, 1/4’’ speaker plug may be disconnected to use Excelsior with an 8-ohm, 15W minimum, external speaker enclosure.

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