New Patent for Solid State Amplifier Design

Jason Sannar has received a patent for his design that emulates tube amp distortion using a solid state design. While this claim is not exactly original, who knows, maybe he finally did it.

A Mid-Valley industrial designer has received a US patent for a guitar amplifier that is lightweight and affordable yet has the sound of traditional tube-type amplifiers…

…The EM-1 utilizes a solid-state circuit board, unlike traditional amps, which use vacuum tubes. It weighs only 12 pounds, relieving guitar players from having to lug around large, heavy tube-amplifiers.

“They still use tubes today because musicians like the sound — tube amps have a very distinct sound,” Sannar said. “But they’re expensive, they’re delicate, the tubes can break. The problem with solid state is it doesn’t have the same warm sound as a tube amp.

“So Jim came up with a new type of solid-state circuitry to mimic the sound of a tube amplifier, with tube-like distortion, which guitar players want. Fender even tried to do it and fell short.”

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