The Philthco

May 7, 2020 dvnator 0

This one started life with me over a year ago. It was my birthday and as a present to myself I made a couple purchases […]

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May 9, 2017 admin 6

This is another low watt amp, probably about 4 watts, using 6F4P (Russian ECL84, 6DX8 equivalent) power tubes. With these 6F4P amps I’m always trying […]

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January 3, 2016 admin 10

This one came about when I wanted a versatile bedroom guitar amp. It had to be low wattage and be able to get clean and […]

A 6N6P Based Amp

April 27, 2015 admin 0

I just finished and amp I had been working on for a while. It used a 6N6P triode based push pull output section. The 6N6P […]

The Blue Lizard

April 27, 2015 admin 1

This one started when I found an old Washburn VGA15 at the flea market in Sabastopol CA. From what I could tell it looked like […]

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Funkaroni Clips

April 18, 2015 admin 0

Here are a couple clips of the Funkaroni. I’ll do a more complete write up on this amp at some point in the near future. […]

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January 28, 2015 admin 4

This amp was an attempt to get some of the tone of my Club Dawg in a smaller and simpler package. The Club Dawg has […]

The 5E3 Park LE

October 5, 2013 admin 4

I’m trying out a new circuit in my test chassis. It’s based on the Park LE 1231 and 1273. Park amps were made by Marshall […]


March 18, 2013 admin 3

Here’s another amp built in an Epiphone Valve Junior chassis. Like my other amps, nothing much else of the Valve Junior remains. I wanted to […]