Odds and Ends

These are some of my old projects.
Many of the amps here have been redone into other things, not because there was anything wrong with them necessarily, but I just got the urge to do something with them.

The Ghettolux
A Fender Brownface 6G3 Deluxe based amp in a Valve Junior chassis.

The JCM5E3
A 6V6 push pull amp with a cathodyne PI and a JCM800 sort of preamp.

The Amaretto
This is an amp with a pair of EL84s, cathodyne PI and a tremolo. I was thinking something Voxy..

6F4P Liverpool
This was an attempt at a low wattage Trainwreck type amp.

The Blue Lizard
A low watt amp using a 6N6P (Russian ECC99) dual triode as an output section and a 5725 pentode preamp.

The Detour
This is an early EL84 amp I built and used a Framus mid cut control.

Two Stroke Wreck
One of the first amps I build. Started with Dave Hunter’s Two Stroke and eventually tried to make the something along the lines of the fabled DLM.

The Gimlet
This is a low powered Trainwreck using 6F3P tubes for output and the phase inverter.

The Mimosa
This amplifier something like a 18 watt TMB but it’s based on a Selmer Treble and Bass.

Tube Reverb
A tube reverb.

My Theremin
The theremin I built.

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