Narcotic Demo Video

May 13, 2019 admin 1

Just did this using a Tascam DR-05, not my usual setup. It was much quicker to do and hopefully the quality is OK. The video […]

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An SEplex Clip

February 3, 2016 admin 0

This is a clip of the SEplex with just a Les Paul cranked up. I added a little reverb on the computer. Sorry, not much […]

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Funkaroni Clips

April 18, 2015 admin 0

Here are a couple clips of the Funkaroni. I’ll do a more complete write up on this amp at some point in the near future. […]

The 5E3 Park LE

October 5, 2013 admin 4

I’m trying out a new circuit in my test chassis. It’s based on the Park LE 1231 and 1273. Park amps were made by Marshall […]

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Blue Moon Lite Clip

October 4, 2013 admin 0

Here’s a little clip of my Blue Moon Lite. It’s a 18 watt TMB type amp. This is the schematic: And this is the clip: […]