6F4P Trainwreck Liverpool inspired amp

After months of doing absolutely nothing I’ve finally done some more amp stuff.

I’ve rewired my old Gimlet amp into a Trainwreck Liverpool inspired screamer using 6F4P power tubes (which are Russian ECL84 equivalents) for about 4 watts. This was a Trainwreck inspired amp before using 6F3Ps but I probably cut the output in half going with the 6F4Ps. It was low watt before and now it’s even more so. I can get the volume up to 6 or 7 and sit right in front of it.

The preamp and PI are taken pretty much right from the Liverpool schematic. The output section is obviously different. I’ll do a full write up at some point but for now here is the schematic:


And here is a clip:

Here is a longer write up…