Slow on the Amp Building Front

I haven’t been doing much with amps these past few weeks. I’m doing some schoolin’ so the home work and classes are really biting into my soldering time.  Even so, I’m slowly building up a list of things I would like to do.

  • Add a master volume to the Park and maybe redo it with EL84s.
  • In the Club Dawg change the voltage divider before the PI to a fixed value and add the Brit/American tone stack switch from the Damocles.
  • Speaking of the Damocles, I really like it since it can get so many different tones but at about 50 watts it’s pretty loud. I was thinking about building a lower watt version with 6BM8/6F3P power tubes.

I don’t know when I’ll get around to any of these things, maybe after the holidays…