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GA-40 Lite

November 11, 2017 admin 0

I’m calling it the GA-40 Lite as it’s basic design is based on/inspired by the Gibson GA-40. The amp is single channel with no tremolo. […]

The GA-40 Lite

December 5, 2016 admin 2

This is the design that the Hot Toddy morphed into, the GA-40 Lite based on the Gibson GA-40. Longer write up here. This is the […]

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The Hot Toddy

July 11, 2016 admin 0

This was a fairly quick build and it’s a pretty simple little amp. It uses a 5725 pentode preamp, a floating paraphase inverter from the […]

The Blue Lizard

April 27, 2015 admin 1

This one started when I found an old Washburn VGA15 at the flea market in Sabastopol CA. From what I could tell it looked like […]

Club Dawg

June 24, 2013 admin 0

This amp is pretty much a result of having the transformers and a chassis laying around. I figured a pair of 6V6s would work well […]