1. “D” you come up with some really innovative designs ! The GA-40 power transformer a Hammond 261g6 has a center tapped secondary; is there a reason you didn’t use the center tap and went with a full wave bridge rectifier?? Jim D.

    • From the product information I got that it was 250v center tapped with 130ma and I was thinking I would just use a couple diodes and use the center tap. However each leg turned out to be about 135v (probably a bit above 125v because it has a 115v primary) so after the rectifier I was only getting about 185vdc.
      I noticed that the documentation mentioned using it with the full wave bridge so I did that. I tapped off the center tap that got me in the ball park. Anyway, after some messing with the power rail and using a 150R sag resistor, I ended up with about 329 on the plates and 280 on the screens.

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