The Damocles

This is another project that’s been kicking around my garage for a while. I picked up a Crate Blue Voodoo combo at a pawn shop about a year ago. The plan had always been to redo it into something good and maybe sell it.

The first step was to convert it to a Dumble sort of thing. Originally it was a D’Lite but I didn’t really like it. That led to messing around with various Dumble circuits until I finally came to the conclusion that I’m not really into Dumbles. I’m more of a Trainwreck person.

So I went in another direction with the amp and went with a Fender sort of thing since it worked well with the Dumble turret boards I was using.

The design I’m working with now is sort of like a Blackface Bassman with a Tweed channel. It has a real simple channel switch that works great and the difference in volume between the channels is hardly noticeable.

It’s still a work in progress but I’m liking it so far. It’s not a real high gain amp but has a nice selection of clean tones and with a pair of 6L6s it can stay clean at pretty high volumes.

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