This is my little blog/website showing some of the amps I have built or modded and what I’m working on now. With the amps I build I gravitate toward relatively simple circuits that are somewhat versatile at the same time. I’m not too into building clones so most amps I’ve built are a mix of different bits of circuits and ideas from other amps and then tweaked….(and tweaked and tweaked some more).

Because of that most of these amps could be considered prototypes. I do a lot of experimenting with them. More than once the complete circuit will be redone….multiples times. That sounds redundant but my point is…I go through a lot of solder. Anyway that is my official excuse for messy wiring. 😉

I have been building amp mostly in the 15-18 watt range. I like them because the amps are loud enough to play with a drummer but affordable to build. I’m usually on a budget with these things. That said, I do have some bigger amps on to-build list.

The links to the amps are on the right. if you hold the mouse over the amp name you get a little preview of what’s going on with that amp. When you click on the links you’ll see the schematic, pictures and sometimes there will be clips.


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