An AC15 Sort of Thing

I recently pulled out the Amaretto, and amp I built a while ago, and decided to make some changes.

Originally I had installed a bias wiggle tremolo. Then in an effort to get a little more effective tremolo, since the bias wiggle can have limited effectiveness in a cathode biased amp, I switched to the tremolo from a Vibro Champ. After revisiting the amp recently I decided I didn’t like that tremolo either. It seemed to have a sort of thump to it that was bugging me.

One thing lead to another and I ended up totally redoing the amp. I went back to the bias wiggle tremolo but switched the PI from a cathodyne to a LTP. I also am using a pentode/triode tube instead of a dual triode for the preamp. The pentode section is the input and the triode section is for the tremolo. So far it seems to work great. For the majority of the design I followed an AC15 schematic. The tremolo is a sort of cross between an old Gibson design I found and a Matchless Tornado.

It’s still a work in progress but it’s sounding pretty good so far.