Baking Pan Reverb Progress

Progress is slow. I haven’t had much soldering time lately 🙁

I think I know how I’m going to mount everything though. My plan is to mount the baking pan on the top of a home made cabinet and have it hanging upside down (actually, it would be right-side up for a baking pan…). Then the reverb pan can be at the bottom.

I’m also thinking I will use some Russian tubes. The Fender 6G15 uses a 12AT7 in the first spot but I think I’ll use a 6N1P. It has less gain but there are probably some tweaks I could do to increase the gain if I needed to. The 6N1P is a good sounding tube.

Also, instead of the 7025 I’ll use a 6N2P. I’m planning on elevating the heaters to keep the cathode-heater voltage within limits and it’ll probably help minimize any hum also.

I’ll be using a 6V6 instead of the 6K6 because that’s what I have. The Fender ’63 reverb reissue uses a 6V6 so it should be fine.

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