When in Doubt…C-4

I’m always thinking about my next project and this is what I’m considering when I wrap up the baking pan reverb. I want to do another 6F4P push pull amp but one that’s simpler than the 6F4Plexi.

My idea is to use a 6N1P in a cascode configuration as the preamp. I’m pretty much lifting the cascode arrangement from Ken Gilbert’s preamp design. I’m hoping to get some pentode like tone but without the microphonic problems that always seem to happen when I use a regular pentode preamp tube.
The output section would be pretty much taken from the 6F4Plexi.

I plan on using the same little Edcor PT and a 70v line transformer for the OT. This would be a very cheap build!

This is the schematic I came up with (note: this has not been built yet…)


I’m hoping this would be a cool little screamer. And yes, I watch Mythbusters…