New big bottle single ended amp project

I’m not usually a fan of single ended amps but I do like the sound of EL34s and would like to have an EL34 amp that I can use in my house. So I’m trying a big bottle EL34 single ended amp. I might also try some other power tubes while I’m at it.

The preamp is going to be like a basic Marshall plexi, just the lead channel. The thing I’m doing that’s a bit different than other single ended designs I’ve come across is that I’m going to have a triode after the tone stack to simulate the gain of the phase inverter. This also provides a point to return the negative feed back to.

I’ve started working on it and here’s the progress so far.


early guts

I’m building it in a bud box, this one.

The PT is a Edcor XPWR021 and the OT is a Weber WSE15. More to come…