Not Quite Done With the T-Verb

I thought I was done but, after more research about reverb tanks and circuits, I realized I did not have the reverb tank I thought I did. The tank I’m using actually has a 150ohm input so that made it not compatible to the circuit I was using. 🙁

However, I found a great alternative that would work with my tank. I found, from reading Valve Wizard’s site, that I could to a SRPP configuration to drive this type of tank and not even use a output transformer. Here is the article and at the bottom he discusses SRPP for a medium impedance tank like mine.

So I rewired and it turned out great. It sounds much better now. I added back in the tone control and generally converted much of it back closer to the 6G15. What a difference a properly driven reverb tank can make!

Here is the new schematic:

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