Updated Blue Moon Lite

So I took this one in a more Marshall Plexi direction.

I added a regular tone stack. It doesn’t look like a Marshall tone stack but, being plate driven rather than from a cathode follower, it does a pretty good job of sounding abut the same.

I also added a bright cap. With a Les Paul I like having the bright cap on but with a strat it’s nice to switch it off as it can get somewhat ice-picky.

I also committed 18 Watt sacrilege and/or blasphemy.
I added negative feedback! *gasp*

That was the only way I could get the sound I was looking for. IMHO, EL84s with a good dose of gain can get buzzy and harsh. The NFB goes a long way to smoothing it out and getting the amp to sound like a big Marshall. It’s a fairly small dose of NFB and I add a fixed presence setting to keep the high end.

It’s sounding pretty good now. Like a combination 18 Watt/ Plexi.

Here is the latest schematic:

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