We Have Reverberation!

I got my reverb working! Woohoo!

I made a variety of changes due to the parts I had.
I realized that I did not have the correct output transformer for useing a 6V6. I had a OT for a reverb circuit in a Fender amp that uses a parallel 12AT7.
Also, the reverb tanks did not have the correct input impedance. They were both about 25ohm-28ohm.

So based on that I changed the circuit up. I went with a 6SN7 in self split push pull. Sort of crazy, maybe, but it seemed to solve a bunch of problems. I could use a push pull OT I had lying around (Edcor XPP15 8k/8ohm) and the 6SN7 can take the relatively high voltages put out by the Weber RVT.

This is the current schematic:

So it’s working great and provides A LOT of reverb if you want. The issue I have now is the reverb is sounding a bit dark. I would like to brighten it up so I’ll probably be doing a little tweaking, maybe try a more effective tone control…

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